12 Essential Repair Tools for Your Cell Phone Repair Business

When it comes to long-distance communication, mobile phones provide the utmost ease and convenience. One of the greatest technological marvels, mobile phones allow you to contact loved ones whenever possible.  Unfortunately, there are occasions when mobile phone repair is required because of issues with certain components that render the phone unusable for the user. Therefore, […]

Advice By Phone Repair Experts on Device Heating Up

cell phone heating up

Technicians at phone repair stores suggest that you should never leave your phone in extreme temperatures, especially in hot temperatures. An extremely hot temperature overheats the device, which may fry the delicate internal components of the phone, leading it to cause errors or, even worse, stop functioning completely. Although leaving your phone in an extremely […]

How To Tell The Difference Between A Copy Phone Screen & An Original

cell phone screen

People often opt for cheaper versions when given a choice between original replacement components or a copied version at phone repair stores. This is especially true for display screens as the sellers of copy screens claim that no one will know the difference and they are almost the same. However, this is not true! There […]

How To Check A Smartphone’s Camera Quality Before Buying

smartphone camera quality

Smartphone manufacturers always compete to provide the greatest photography experience on their devices. Phone cameras are more diversified than ever, with high-resolution sensors and AI-assisted photographic functions. However, high photographic capabilities are insufficient to ensure a fantastic smartphone. Other aspects, including display, CPU, software, and quick charging, may make or break a smartphone available at […]

Are Google Phones Available At Phone Repair Stores Worth It?

google phone brooklyn

Things are different with the Google Pixel 6 – more so than ever before. Google is seeking to compete with Samsung and Apple on software or camera capabilities and the complete package. It’s a risky approach from a corporation that has already tried and failed to compete. With the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro […]