How To Tell The Difference Between A Copy Phone Screen & An Original

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People often opt for cheaper versions when given a choice between original replacement components or a copied version at phone repair stores. This is especially true for display screens as the sellers of copy screens claim that no one will know the difference and they are almost the same. However, this is not true!

There are major differences between copy and original replacement screens, let alone the quality. So before you regret your decision to replace your phone’s screen with a copy, here is how you can identify if the screen is original or not.

Reasons Why You Should Always Select Original Screens

The major difference between an original display screen and a copy screen is that the original screen is manufactured at the brand’s factory and is designed in a way that gives the same feel, design and quality as the screen that was initially installed when the phone was manufactured. Whereas copy screens are made by third-party local manufacturers that are compatible with your device.

Many people opt for cheaper versions when getting their screens replaced at stores for electronics repair in Philadelphia. But little do they know that the real difference between copy and original screens is not the price but the quality. Here is how a copy version differs from an original one.

Poor Display Properties

Copy screen usually means you get poor display properties that are low brightness, the accuracy of colour, contrast, sharpness etc. and when the display quality is poor, you don’t get to enjoy watching movies or clips on your smartphone. Another bummer about copied screens is that they drop higher refresh rates and the majority of the phones come with at least 90z. This means the copy screen will not feel as smooth as the original one.

Therefore, according to the technicians of phone repair stores, you must check the quality of the screen and ensure it is original before getting it replaced, just as you would check a phone’s camera quality before purchasing it. Wait, you don’t know how to determine the quality of a camera? Don’t worry. You can read our blog on how to check the Camera’s quality to ensure you get a high-quality camera phone.

Possible Color Hue Errors

Cell Phone Repair Center Technicians say that when you view vivid media on a smartphone with a copied screen, there is a good chance that the display’s colours may differ drastically from the original ones. For example, the colour red looks more orange, and the colour yellow may look green.

Gets Scratches/Broken Easily

You may also notice that the copied screens look way coarser and scratch easily as compared to the original screen. A rough fabric or even a rough surface may leave abrasions on the copied screen. Copy screens are made from poor-quality glass material; hence they are quicker to break compared to genuine screens, and when they break, they cannot be repaired but replaced only.

Digitizer and Touch Problems

The major issue copy screens make is digitizing and touch problems, which is a major problem as you control your device from the touch screen. There is a huge difference in touch sensitivity between original and copy screens. And another thing about copy screens is that they stop working when they crack, whereas original screens work fine even after getting severe cracks.

So this is why you should always opt for a phone repair store that uses original replacement components like Mr. Fix Repair. We use high-quality original replacement components to ensure your phone returns to its original condition after the repair, and you do not have to worry about the quality of the replacement components. So if you’re considering getting your screen or any other electronic component replaced, you can come to us confidently.

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Q1. Is it worth getting a screen replacement?
Getting your screen replaced by a reputed phone repair store is always a wise, as it can save you both money and time.

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