What Is Damaging Your Phone Battery? A Guide By Phone Repair Store

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Is your phone battery not working fine? Do you have to keep the charger plugged in like a landline? This means it is time for you to visit a phone repair store. However, we do understand that visiting a repair shop too often isn’t convenient for you. So, whenever someone visits Mr. Fix Repair for a battery repair, we make sure they leave with more than just a functional device. Our technicians will share the reasons why your phone is facing common battery problems to help you avoid them in the future. So, without any delay, let’s begin.

Our Phone Repair Store Don’t Recommend Battery At 0%

Many of us dislike putting our phones on the charge unless it turns off at 0%. Though that might give us extra few minutes of mobile usage, at the backend, it is damaging your device to an extreme extent. We will suggest putting your phone on charge as soon as it touches the 20% figure. This will ensure your battery stays in optimal condition for years to come.

However, this isn’t the only problem that is affecting the performance. To know what else is damaging your battery, keep on reading

Using Other Devices’ Charger

It is easy to plug in any charger you find close to your phone. But this is also the cause of people visiting cell phone repair centers for battery problems. Every device has a charger made for it that perfectly fits the slot – now, some other charger may work for your phone, but if you keep up this habit for the long term, it can create internal damage to the slot, which may cause your phone not to charge at all. Therefore, to avoid such problems, make sure only to use your device’s charger, or if it is damaged, only use genuine ones.

Creating Storage Backup At Low Battery

Do you want to create a data storage backup? Then, do it when your phone has a charging of more than 50%. When you do it below this percentage, the phone has to make more effort than it has to. This can create unnecessary strain on your battery, causing it to get damaged later on. So, make sure you are taking care of it properly. 

Using Third-Party Apps

Countless applications claim to help your battery get charged quickly. As enticing as it may sound, you should know they might be the reason you are facing charging issues. Using these apps for the long term can weaken your battery, hence making it longer to charge or in some cases, not charging at all.

Using Your Phone While Charging

Phones have become extremely important in our daily lives; most of our activities are performed through them – from getting in touch with your loved ones, buying something, or doing your office tasks – we depend on them. However, ensure you don’t use them while they are charging since they can negatively impact battery health.

We hope these tips from our phone repair store will reduce your phone’s battery problems. For more information, contact us.

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