How To Check A Smartphone’s Camera Quality Before Buying

smartphone camera quality

Smartphone manufacturers always compete to provide the greatest photography experience on their devices. Phone cameras are more diversified than ever, with high-resolution sensors and AI-assisted photographic functions. However, high photographic capabilities are insufficient to ensure a fantastic smartphone. Other aspects, including display, CPU, software, and quick charging, may make or break a smartphone available at the phone repair store. Most people want to know how amazing the camera is on a new phone they’re considering purchasing since it’s such a focus point.

This article, curated by Mr. Fix Repair, examines and contrasts the differences that distinguish high-quality mobile phone cameras from those that fall short, such as sensor size, pixel count, and other factors.

How do you check a smartphone’s camera quality before buying it from a repair store?

Clear Focus

More expensive smartphones from industry leaders like Samsung and Apple available at electronics repair Philadelphia have larger lens apertures, allowing for better picture quality than less expensive competitors. For example, the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus’s brilliant f/1.5 aperture allows for a shot with a blurred backdrop when the subject is close to the lens.


While the 12-21 megapixel range is excellent, paying attention to the micron/um pixel number may also indicate improved image quality, and all of the smartphones on our top list have at least that range.

Broad Display

With no optical viewfinder, you’ll need to hold the phone steady with both hands while using the touchscreen as a viewfinder and shutter button. As a result, the larger the screen, the more content will be displayed. If a smartphone’s screen is made of Gorilla Glass, it’s a good sign because it’s more scratch-resistant. Screen resolution is important because it determines how sharply images are displayed, so check the phone’s specifications. Having an Apple phone with a Retina display is ideal because photographs will appear sharp and detailed on your device.

Image Stabilization Technology for Cameras

Most modern smartphone cameras include an “Image Stabilization” feature to reduce blurring caused by hand-shake. Without it, the camera will detect every movement you make and ruin your photo. It may also improve the quality of videos taken with a mobile device.

RAW feature

The main advantage of shooting in RAW, which is a specific file format, is that you can edit each photo to look exactly how you want it to, rather than how the camera thinks it should. When working with RAW files, you may have more control over the final appearance of your images. When you get the photos back to your computer, you can easily change settings like exposure and white balance, whereas doing so with JPEG files can be difficult. It’s important to note that RAW files are much larger in size and will require more storage space on your mobile device as a result.

Lenses and Zoom

The lenses available in high-end smartphones at the cell phone repair store brooklyn center are superior to the aperture of many compact digital cameras, which is a major selling point. We know the benefits of using prime lenses over zoom lenses. Because smartphone manufacturers strive to keep their devices as small as possible, optical zooms are frequently overlooked in favor of wide-angle prime lenses or multiple prime lenses.


You now have the answer. Some methods for evaluating your mobile device’s camera. Understanding a camera’s technical specifications will only give you a glimpse of its true potential. Contact us to buy smartphones with the most high-quality cameras.

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