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iPhone 11 Pro Max Repair

6 May 20
Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max is a smartphone that can rightfully be called the best in the world. Excellent technical equipment, presented by a new productive processor, an excellent graphics module, ...


19 Sep 17

We come to you!

6 Sep 17

iPhone 7 screen replacement 

28 Mar 17
Regardless of, what brand of phone you use, from falling not insured by any one of them. And it happens quite often what the device screen mainly suffers from. Especially offensively ...

LG G5 broken screen? We can fix it! 

28 Mar 17
Replacement mobile phone LG G5 – not a cheap pleasure. For this reason there is our service center of Mr. Fix where you have an opportunity to perform the replacement and ...

iPad Air 2 touch digitizer replacement

23 Mar 17
  Surely everyone will agree that the iPad Air 2 is a good thing for business purposes and for ordinary use. But what to do if once you accidental drop the ...

Desktop computer repair

23 Mar 17
Despite a huge number of portable technology in the modern electronic market, desktop computers still take the places of honor in our houses. But, though they are exposed to mechanical damages ...

iMac screen replacement

16 Mar 17
  Popular monoblocks of iMac from Apple which principal “counter” is their high performance at the minimum thickness of the screen after all tend to fail. The main causes of this ...

Samsung S6 screen replacement

16 Mar 17
  The model of the Samsung S6 smartphone very popular now possesses a row of advantages in comparison with alternative modern analogs, but as any other phone, it isn’t insured from ...

Laptop hard drive repair

14 Mar 17
The laptop market is so huge today that these portable devices slowly but surely push aside desktop personal computers. The laptop is the important working tool of business people, freelancers, travelers, ...