Service center Mr.Fix makes urgent repair of Samsung Note 10 Plus smartphones. These are
mainly modular repairs, but we also do some repair work on the board. We have our own staff of craftsmen, for this reason, we carry out all the work on the spot and immediately after registration.
Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ glass replacement is the most frequent repair. It is carried out in
several stages:

The first stage of work begins with the analysis of the smartphone. Everything is removed from the phone, only the frame with the module pasted on it remains.

The second stage – master sets the module in the cryocamera, where the glass freezes for 10
minutes. Under the influence of low temperature, the adhesion properties of the compound are lost and the glass is easily removed from the phone. If there are a lot of fragments, then you have to repeat freezing until the screen is completely clean. The method of freezing allows you to carefully remove the glass and at the same time leave the film surface of the sensor without damage and flaws.

The third stage is cleaning the screen and applying an OSA film on it. The fourth stage is gluing a new glass with a screen in an autoclave. The pressure in the installation reaches 6 atmospheres. At this stage, it is important to correctly position the glass relative to the display. This is helped by the block of frames, which are installed at the beginning in the laminator, and then in the autoclave. The fifth stage is the assembly of the phone.