Basic repair of iPhone 11 Pro mobile phones, such as replacing broken glass or a broken charging connector, can be done quite quickly — from 20 minutes to several hours. It depends on the specific complexity of the assembly-disassembly of this particular smartphone.
Regardless of whether you agree to the phone repair or refuse, the diagnostics will be performed absolutely free of charge that is, giving your device to our Mr.Fix service center for diagnostics does not risk you anything.
We work without days off, and holidays, which means for you that on any day we are ready to provide your mobile friend with an ambulance and quickly put him on his feet.
In case of obvious breakdowns, which can be fixed within half an hour, we can send a master to you to repair the iPhone 11 Pro mobile phone in place, this also does not require additional costs, and from the point of view of the speed of receiving a finished phone, it is very convenient.
Mr.Fix company only buys spare parts of the best quality, so, we can give a guarantee for up to six months for some phone repairs.

The most frequent repairs to the iPhone 11 Pro smartphone:

• Glass broke
• Battery out of order
• The case broke
• No sound or quiet speaker
• The microphone does not work (the interlocutor cannot hear you)
• The charging connector does not work (the phone does not charge or charges with interruptions)
• Software has flown (the device does not start, hangs on the screen saver)
• Moisture has gotten
• Strong mechanical shock (drop)