The model of the Samsung S6 smartphone very popular now possesses a row of advantages in comparison with alternative modern analogs, but as any other phone, it isn’t insured from falling and damage of the screen in any way. The degree of damage can be different: only the screen can be broken, and also the touchscreen can fail. But unless it is a problem for the Mr.Fix company? As if not so!

Immediately you bring us the broken Samsung S6 phones and be convinced of efficiency of our repair. We work on the following algorithm:

1. We wish you a good day;

2. Perform a free telephone fault diagnosis and determine the level of damage;

3. We sound to you repair cost;

4. In a short time perform the replacement of Samsung S6 screen, using the original modules and glass;

5. We wish you good luck in further operation of the mobile device and with a smile we give you it to hands.

As you can see, it’s simple! Therefore, seeing the cracks, not to drink a drop from the heart, a more effective way to bring your smartphone the old look and functionality will be made available in the hands of professionals of Mr.Fix.

In the operation we use innovative methods of dismantling of the available glue layer with changeover on new the WASP film, we control repair process by means of the device of the vacuum principle of action of new generation, we aim to ensure safety of the display of original installation in the maximum measure, we provide a lifetime warranty taking into account your promise from now on to use the smartphone more carefully.

High-quality screen repair Samsung S6 – Mr. Fix knows a lot about this case!