Replacement mobile phone LG G5 – not a cheap pleasure. For this reason there is our service center of Mr. Fix where you have an opportunity to perform the replacement and repair of any complexity of the failed parts of phone. Very common problem is screen damage of the device. It is enough just one chance, when LG G5 falls out of your hands and falls on a hard surface.

But this problem isn’t critical at all. Come to our office and we will give you complex support under repair of your phone. We work on the following algorithm:

1. We provide a detailed diagnosis of the damage. Sometimes it happens so that except the screen both other technical nodes of the device, and all adjacent breakages are exposed to damages, certainly, it is necessary to remove.

2. We repair or replace screen on LG G5, using only original parts.

3. We return the smartphone to the joyful owner.

On all operations we offer a lifetime warranty, if your mobile device isn’t exposed to mechanical damages from now on.

Know that you give your phone to reliable hands! This is confirmed by the fact that we repair smartphones LG G5 according to recommendations of the vendor and are capable to present the second life even to the most small-sized equipment rooms and program components of the device.

You shouldn’t make operation of LG G5 phone with the screen covered with cracks. The procedure of its replacement won’t take away from you a large number of time, but the display of the device will be able to please you with the bright colors again! Mr. Fix company on repair of the modern portable technique always with you!