Regardless of, what brand of phone you use, from falling not insured by any one of them. And it happens quite often what the device screen mainly suffers from. Especially offensively when it happens to expensive production of Apple. Even more offensively if you break the screen of the brand new iPhone 7 smartphone.

But doomsday from it doesn’t come at all, especially if you timely address in the repair Mr. Fix service. Your task consists in calming down and providing business to professionals. And our experts will execute operational replacement of the iPhone 7 screen and will return you your brand new smartphone to integrities and safety.

Sometimes there is a question: why to change all screen if you can replace only of one glass? Whether it is the trick of the unfair companies on repair? We will dispel your doubts. For production of the Apple company, since release of iPhone 4, in case of damage of glass replace of all display is provided. It extends also to iPhone 7. It is explained by the fact that the display and glass of the device represent one integral detail and it is impossible to replace one components without replacing of another. Well it or is bad, to decide not to us, and vendors of iPhone.

But main thing that Mr. Fix company is ready to provide with pleasure for you full repair service and after detail diagnostics of iPhone 7 to execute replacement of its screen. We work only with original spare parts therefore as our repair you can be sure for 100 percent!